Reduced Volume and Loss of Clarity

I’ve been using Audacity for a few years but not regularly until 10-28-22, when I started recording an internet radio show daily. Everything was great until a few days ago. (approx. 1-14-24) I used to be able to max out the volume to induce clipping on the wave form, but now, wave form is reduced by at least half and clarity of the recording is reduced as well. I’ve maxed out the computers volume as well as the Audacity volume with very little effect. Has anyone else experienced this recently?

Are you using WASAPI loopback?

Assuming they aren’t streaming and already clipped recording, normally you can’t clip the digital stream (during recording) because you can’t normally go over 100%.

And normally you can get a clean digital copy, unless you are getting glitches/interrupts/droputs.

What happens when you Amplify after recording?

Maybe they changed something. All of the popular streaming services are using loudness normalization which tends to turn down most music/programs. If you record stuff from Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc., you’ll rarely see a 0dB peak. -6dB (50%) is probably more typical. (Peaks don’t correlate well with perceived loudness.)

It’s possible. Radio channel has made some changes recently. Listening to the station sounds OK but recording does not. FYI - I didn’t set recording to a state of clipping, but it was possible before the date mentioned. Could be a broadcast bug to avert recording. I thought about that, but if not I’m still looking for a fix. I am recording now so afterwards I’ll recheck the loopback. Thanks.

Automatic Windows update can re-enable Windows audio-enhancements.

Audio enhancements can include “loudness equalization” which will limit the volume.

Here’s how to turn Windows audio-enhancements off …

DVDdoug > Thanks for the help! I finished recording a short time ago and looked around on the setup awhile and did notice in the AUDIO SETUP > AUDIO SETTINGS > RECORDING DEVICE that the Speaker/Headphones (Realtek Audio) (Loopback) was selected. The (Loopback) was not visible anywhere on the Audacity main screen. I change the setting to Stereo Mix (Realtek Audio), made some test recordings and the change got me back to where I was before. I was able to cut my volumes down just below clipping and return clarity back to normal.


Thanks for your input. I have not looked at this but will tonight! Anything to improve the process.


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