Reduce vocals in a song

Goodday. I need help with the following please. I have searched for video’s etc, but could not find anything. I am a teacher and my kids are performing a concert. I am using a song and I want to reduce the vocals in the song but not removing it.(like i still have to hear the person sing in the song, but it must be a bit softer. I don’t want to reduce the backtrack music at all. Only the person that sings) I want the kids to still hear when they need to start singing. Any advice regarding this would really be appreciated.

It is often not possible to completely remove vocals from a song, though attempting to do so will often successfully reduce the main vocal, so I’d suggest you try the techniques and effects described here:

I still don’t understand. but maybe i can do something different. How do i split the track so that vocals and background music are separated? I see so many videos of tracks that has been split where the background music is the 1st track and the vocals is the 2nd track. how do i do that

If you can remove the vocal by the invert method, you can then mix that vocal-free version with the original to add back as much of the vocal as you want.

Pressing Ctrl+D creates an in-sync duplicate of selected track,
split the duplicate stereo track into two mono tracks,
then invert one of the mono tracks,
then adjust (reduce) level of the original stereo track to taste.