Reduce Loud Notes?

Team- Win 7 64b- program is working fine… more of an effects question:
Is there a way to reduce a loud note in an instrumental audio. I have a shot guitar piece I recorded, and I need to reduce the volume of some very short sections of the recording. I tried using compressor- and it did even the recording out- but the too-loud notes are still too loud- they peak much higher than the rest of the piece. I also tried just highlighting the short 1/2 second portion with the loud note and using compressor on that with different db settings and it still makes the shorter portion louder. Is there a way to highlight a short section and just reduce the volume that I’m missing? I attached a jpeg of the result after compressor- you can see the notes are too loud =0)
Thanks in advance

Drag-Select your target.
Effect > Amplify and choose the top box for the amount of change you want, positive or negative.

Chris’s Compressor will do that as well. That’s a dynamic compressor that changes compression depending on the show content.


That did it. Man, that’s going to save me TONS of re-recording time, trying to get notes perfect. Thanks!