Reduce input level on 3.5mm microphone

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I see it takes a battery. That’s possibly good… Condenser mics need power, which with “computer mics” is supplied from the soundcard or laptop. You’d have to attenuate the signal without attenuating the power.

Something like this should “work” with the appropriate cable-adapters.

But I’d recommend something “different”…

Smart phones can sometimes make excellent recordings, but it’s mono, the mic is non-directional, and there is also a possibility of overload. (Make sure your recording application isn’t using automatic volume control.) You can later transfer the file to your computer for editing.

Another option is a studio style USB “podcast mic”.

The Blue Yeti super-popular, and it has a recording level control and a stereo mode. (It’s not really “pro” and it seems to get lots of complaints, but if you sell a million of something your going to get lots of complaints so it’s probably not that bad.)

The next step-up would be a pair of stage or studio mics with XLR connections and a USB audio interface. Depending on the type of music, with good mic placement you can get a professional-sounding recording that way.

Thanks for the reply. Would this work?

I can see it has a gain function, but I think with this situation it needs a negative gain ultimately?

I’m trying to stick to my current mic as much as I can, because it’s very small (so can be clipped to my t-shirt) and gives great results: for instance

No. That’s a headphone amplifier. Headphone signals are in the ballpark of 100 times stronger than microphone signals.

There are other lavalier or clip-on mics. You can get “computer mics” or pro versions with XLR connectors. But you could run-into the same issue if there is no analog recording level control.

It’s an “odd” way of recording a concert…

Somehow I skimmed-over that… I thought you were using a computer.

I’m doing it this way because obviously I’ve not got access to a soundboard feed, it’s just me at a gig with a small recorder.

Also, your first suggestion was useful - but do you know of the same device but with 3.5mm instead of phono? Just trying to save space if I do end up going with that one…