Reduce Harshness in recording

I recorded vocals in my home studio and I’m having trouble reducing the harshness of the recording. Normally the recordings don’t sound quite as harsh, any suggestions? is it just the way this guys voice is? I’ve used compression and normalization on it, but the harshness was there in the original. I’ve tried different eq adjustments but haven’t been able to reduce it. I don’t have the option of rerecording it either.

Thanks for any help.

I can’t tell how much of that is MP3 distortion. Mix it down to mono and make a WAV (Microsoft) out of it and post that. The whole show final isn’t in MP3 is it?


OK, rather than mix it down, Split Stereo Track To Mono with the drop-down menu on the left and send one of those.


The files too big to attach as a wav so here’s a link:

Maybe an hour download isn’t such a good idea. The forum will support a mono WAV sound file at ten seconds. That should tell us all we need to know. Koz

Sorry! Here’s a short one.

The performer has a honk in his voice and I tried to gently push it out of the way and bring up the clarity a little (attached). You don’t notice any difference unless you compare it to the original. If that will work, I can post how I did it.


Thats alot better thanks! It sounds clearer. I’d like to know how you did it.