Redline *Lagging* the music?

Usually there’s a red line “leading” the waveform when I’m recording music. But a funny thing happened this afternoon. I paused the recording, restarted (shift+rec) and afterwards the red line was lagging the edge of the waveform, by about two seconds. The recording seemed perfectly fine, but what gives with the red line (which I though was marking the active “now”) shifting from leading to lagging?

Audacity 2.0 on Vista32/sp1

The only redline I’m aware of is the one that indicates you are getting “clipping”. This should not be appearing at all if the recording levels have been set correctly.

No, these are not clipping lines, this is a moving “cursor”, a line that leads the edge of the music.

Rendering the screen display is performed separately and with lower priority than recording the audio data so they will often not be exactly synchronised. It is not unusual for the waveform to lag behind the red cursor line, though I’ve never seen the red cursor line lag behind the waveform.

Thanks again, Steve. I figured it was just a timing glitch caused by resource shortages and for what I’m doing, it isn’t critical. (Knock wood). Still… Its disconcerting to see computers slipping gears.

This will all be fixed in Audacity 3.x when that releases for the big Xmas buying season, right?

Oh, wait, I wasn’t supposed to mention that, was I?

No, it will be fixed at Christmas when you get the computer with double the horsepower and hard drive space. Then it doesn’t matter which Audacity you have.

Double the hp?! Oh boy, that means you’re getting me a quad core i7 ! You’re the best, koz. (Don’t tell anyone else, don’t want to make them jealous.)

No seriously, a dual-core 2+GHz machine can walk and chew gum at the same time. I guess 2.0 needs a warning label “WARNING: DO NOT LET YOUR COMPUTER CHEW GUM AT THE SAME TIME IT IS RUNNING THIS SOFTWARE.”