redisplay last effect

Not having found it on this forum I don’t know if this request has already been expressed, or if there’s a way already to do it:

I like the “repeat last effect” in the effects menu, but it repeats with the same settings, which is very useful, but would it be possible to also add a “redisplay last effect” below or above it, which would allow the user to change the settings without having to search for the effect again in the drop-down menu and thus save some time?

If this request has already been made, and I think it has even though I haven’t been able to see it, can you add my vote?
And if there is already a way to do it, can somebody tell me how?


Thanks for your feedback.
I have logged your support for the feature:

Reopen : > without running it, with a new shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+R. Useful to apply the same effect several times with different settings, for example if applying Equalization, Compression or filters. Would also be an easier way to re-access Noise Removal after grabbing the Noise Profile.

As usual, thank you Steve…