Recreating 80's Audio Effects/Compression

I tried resampling, bitcrushing and low-pass but nothing makes that gritty echoey vibe of tv-series version, added vhs and hq for comprasion.
daichivhs-hifi.ac3 (939 KB)
daichitv.ac3 (948 KB)

In addition to matching the spectrum …
have to match the stereo-image: “daichitv.ac3 is mono” …

If you’re looking for TV-in-a-room, the free demo version of AudioThing’s “speakers” has that option [64-bit VST3]
audiothing's speakers demo in Audcaity 3.jpg
https ://

The old Plectron “devicer” plugin (again free) has a TV-in-the-kitchen option … [Devicer is 32-bit VST2].