Recreate the track after crash

hello help me please
I recorded 1h20 on audacity my pc crashed I couldn’t save my work, I even managed to recover the temporary files, problem they are not in order so I find myself with more 1000 audio files of 6 seconds out of order call “e0002a4d;e0002a4f” ect I would like to know if there is a way to Recreate the track

In a word, no. The little clips are in random order and are quite impossible to reassemble without the corresponding .aup pointer file, which I believe in your case has been damaged. The only time this is evenly remotely possible is when trying to recover from an Audacity recording when you can at least put the clips in some semblance of time. Even then it would extremely difficult (as in extremely).

You could try the advice in this deprecated page on the Audacity Wiki:

But there is no guarantee of success …

The little clips are in random order and are quite impossible to reassemble without the corresponding .aup pointer file

They’re impossible to re-assemble automatically. However it’s possible to recreate the show totally manually knowing a few tricks.

– If it was a stereo show, the little AU files alternate Left and Right.
– As you found, the AU files will open and play in Audacity.
– The files are organized roughly according to computer time and date.
– The AU files, when assembled correctly, fit end to end.

Play one of the files and assuming it’s not silent, place it on a timeline. Play another one in roughly the same time block and hear if it’s nearly the same content, then it’s likely to be the Left-Right match. If it’s not, then hear whether or not it’s likely to be before or after the first one. Continue on through the files in that general time block.

Continue on to the rest of the time blocks.

The AU files used to be named in sequence and it was possible to simply put them back together “relatively” easily. I gasped when the developers decided to intentionally randomly name the AU files. “There,” I said, “goes the last chance of easily recovering a damaged show.” And it was.

I can hear you saying it should be possible to automatically re-assemble the AU files just knowing that they fit exactly perfectly end to end. Yes. Somebody just has to write it. I also said no developer ever flushed the only recording of an interview with the governor or their 12-year old child’s school recital.

“What’s it like sleeping out in the car, dear?”


One more. This crazy process only works if it’s an original, raw recording. If the show is edited, you’re stuck. Edited shows scramble the AU files permanently. That brings us to the strong recommendation that you File > Export all raw recordings as perfect quality WAV backup files before you edit anything.


my pc crashed I couldn’t save my work

To bring this back around, do you know why your PC crashed? It might pay handsomely to find out why. Did you run out of drive room? Did your machine try to run some programs in the background and run out of resources? Did it actually crash? Windows 10/11 doesn’t crash very often. Is it just Audacity crashed?

What was the recording? An internet presentation?


I found a solution thank you to you, I had 1407 audio track of 6 sec I had to put everything together 1 part 1 on audacity in the end I was able to recreate my audio track thank you to you