Recoving interviews from .au files

I recorded a number of interviews using Audacity. I was able to play back 3 of them in full for creating transcriptions. But then my computer entirely crashed on me, and I had to return it. Luckily, I backed up all my interviews, but now that I open them on my older computer (onto which I just downloaded the new version of Audacity), I see no AUP project file. When I follow the folders to _data > e00 > d00, I find a long list of 6 second .au files that seem to be out of order. I tried the manual recovery and figured out how to manually stitch them together, but I cannot possibly imagine doing this for nearly 15 hours of audio. Are there any other options for me to recover my interviews in full?

I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 on Windows 7.

Try to find and open the AUP file. If you don’t have that, and as long as you never started to edit the recording, you can try the timesorting and renaming procedure mentioned on


Tip for the future: Once you have completed the recording, export that audio as a WAV file as a safety copy.

Tip2: do it in chunks of less than 15 hours (that’s a lot for Audacity to chew on)