Recovery Error SOS!!

I have a long stereo recording that crashed at somepoint.

Every time I attempt a recovery I get “Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 2759”

I have opened the .autosave file in my text editor and the line reads:

Not knowing what that means I’ve messed with line and every time gotten:
Error: mismatched tag at line 2759

I have attempted :deleteing, adding a “k” to bloc, seperating the tags on different lines (error was at line 2760), and seperated the tags with another <.

HELP!! and thank you for your time.

Sometimes you can delete the line and go with that, but in this case, isn’t it just that the tag isn’t closed?



If there was only one block file in a wavetrack, it looks like the below (the required phrase is “simpleblockfile filename”):

<wavetrack name="Audio Track" channel="2" linked="0" mute="0" solo="0" height="150" minimized="0" isSelected="1" rate="44100" gain="1.0" pan="0.0">
		<waveclip offset="0.00000000">
			<sequence maxsamples="262144" sampleformat="262159" numsamples="1323000">
				<waveblock start="0">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="262144" min="-0.8" max="0.8" rms="0.461738"/>
			<envelope numpoints="0"/>

If you still need help please attach the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files: .