Recovery error message

Every time Audacity is opened it shows an error message about an old file that was not saved correctly. I have tried all the options, Do Not Recover, Recover Project and Quit Audacity and additionally I re-installed the latest version of Audacity. I have also tried to find the file in my Mac but it is nowhere. Every time Audacity is opened it shows up. How can I make it go away.

You reinstalled Audacity but you didn’t reset Audacity. Audacity holds settings and adjustments in a place that survives installs. If you really want to flush everything you have to reset that.

Close Audacity
Go > Home > Library > Application Support > audacity
Drag the audacity.cfg config file to the trash.
Start Audacity

There’s a more nuanced way to do that through editing, but I can never find it when I need it. Looking.

Here it is. Scroll down to Resetting.


Thank you so much! Will do this later this evening. Much appreciated!


Please look at the pink panel at the top of this page and answer the question about Audacity version properly (all three numbers). :wink:

If that dialogue button says “Recover Project” you don’t have the latest Audacity 2.0.6 from

Have you tried “Do Not Recover” or “Discard Projects” then clicking “Yes”?

If you can’t get rid of that dialogue then resetting or deleting audacity.cfg is unlikely to help because the reset of Preferences does not delete the AUTOSAVE file that triggers the Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue. To delete that AUTOSAVE file, open Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder then type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave

You can then delete any AUTOSAVE files that are in that AutoSave folder.


Gale, YES I do have 2.0.6 installed as my original post stated. This file is from the older version hence the reason I updated the 2.0.6.

What I am now unable to find on my Mac is “GO” in the FINDER. I have no idea where “GO” is in FINDER to locate the file/folder you are recommending. Can you clue me on where “GO” is?

Thank you so much for your time on this!

Upper left-hand corner? (Attached).
That display will change if you have something selected on the desktop. Click on a bare portion of the desktop.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.13.55.png