Recovery dilemma, cant get past errors

Good, but you did not follow up on Changes its settings on its own during recording... - #3 by hectorbarbosa and say it was solved, so we cannot know that. If you had not corrected any driver problems you had then, they could be the direct cause of this crash.

Audacity itself cannot crash your computer, so as it is, something is not right on your computer and if you do nothing Sod’s Law dictates it could happen again during an irreplaceable recording. :wink:

I’ve removed the empty spaces near the end of the AUTOSAVE file. Please try the attached.

I also strongly recommend you update to the latest Audacity 2.1.1 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows. The AUTOSAVE file that 2.1.1 writes is not a plain XML file like 2.0.6 writes and quite possibly would not have failed.

New Project - 2016-01-03 08-39-25 N-1.autosave (44 KB)