Recovery dilemma, cant get past errors

I am stumped after my pc crashed during a recording, I rebooted, reloaded audacity and got the “invalid token at line X” error, so I google a bit and find you can get to the autosave .au audio files, which I have and they are the files im after as I listed to a couple, so made a backup, but how do I recombine them? there’s 3 separate folders in the projects file full of hundreds of au files (1 also has .auf files), but I just need to recombine all of these short clips into one again, I tried the Audacity Recovery Utility but I only get an error saying “Errors occurred - See the logfile audacity_recovery.exe.log for details” so matter what I do :confused:

I have audacity 2.0.6, windows 7 64bit home premium

Help :neutral_face:

You should take PC crashes seriously. Did you make sure you have latest drivers for your built-in sound device, like you said you were going to do? Assuming you have a branded computer like Dell or Lenovo, go to their site and download the latest Windows 7 64-bit audio drivers for your specific computer model.

You can also try to find out what driver or hardware caused the crash. See

Please attach the AUTOSAVE file Audacity was trying to recover from and we will see if it can be “repaired”. Please see here for how to attach files:


Like I said I was going to do? I assume you’re referring to a very old post I made here like a year ago? lol, this is not related to that at all as that was solved and this is a separate one off issue, but thanks for the concern.

I attached the autosave file.
New Project - 2016-01-03 08-39-25 N-1.autosave (47.7 KB)

Good, but you did not follow up on and say it was solved, so we cannot know that. If you had not corrected any driver problems you had then, they could be the direct cause of this crash.

Audacity itself cannot crash your computer, so as it is, something is not right on your computer and if you do nothing Sod’s Law dictates it could happen again during an irreplaceable recording. :wink:

I’ve removed the empty spaces near the end of the AUTOSAVE file. Please try the attached.

I also strongly recommend you update to the latest Audacity 2.1.1 from The AUTOSAVE file that 2.1.1 writes is not a plain XML file like 2.0.6 writes and quite possibly would not have failed.

New Project - 2016-01-03 08-39-25 N-1.autosave (44 KB)

Yeah kinda forgot about that one, but that was a different computer, and I guess should specify that the PC crash was because of a blackout, not related to drivers etc anymore.

I tried it, I get this error now “Project check found file inconsistencies during automatic recovery”, I attached the error log it said to check.
error log.txt (35.2 KB)

After cleaning the empty data out of the AUTOSAVE file you only have about 13 minutes of stereo recording to recover (256 AU files). 256 AU files are “missing” according to the log, so presumably Audacity cannot find any of the recording.

I suggest you force quit the badly recovered project in Task Manager (don’t close it normally from within Audacity or you will lose the ability to recover it).

As you can see from the log, Audacity is looking for the missing 256 files in the folder "C:\Users\Jay\AppData\Local\Temp\audacity_temp\project9953\e00\d00". So that “d00” folder is where the files have to be. Make sure the files are there and that you have permission to access that folder before launching Audacity again.

If you have “C:\Users\Jay\AppData\Local\Temp\audacity_temp\project9953\e00\d01” or other “d” folders, then those were lost from the AUTOSAVE file so the only way to recover those folders is by following Recovering crashes manually. You could also recover "C:\Users\Jay\AppData\Local\Temp\audacity_temp\project9953\e00\d00" by the same manual method.

Any AU files in other folders that are edited recordings or imported files cannot be manually recovered in the correct order.


Oh and I did update audacity btw, so I’ll use that one from now on, which is more reliable correct?

And yeah for some reason the project files were gone from that location, luckily I made a backup early on, so copied them back into there and success it found and put it back together yay

Cheers for the help, much appreciated

Generally it’s best to use the latest Audacity version because it will have the latest enhancements and bug fixes.

As regards the AUTOSAVE file yes I believe it will be more resilient in current Audacity because it is now a binary file, not an XML file. If it does fail it will be harder to fix - instructions are at

Sometimes of course new bugs appear in the latest version, and in a few workflows a user might not want to update until the release when the bug is fixed.