Recovering Sound From An Unapproved SD Card

I just down loaded Audacity onto my mac with El Capitan OS. I had recorded sound on an unapproved SD card and I was told that Audacity could help me recover them. Can I get some help in how to do this or if it is possible?
Thanks in advance!

I was told that Audacity could help me recover them.

By whom?


Well, by a guy that works a Gotham Sound, a rental place in NYC. Is it possible?

by a guy that works a Gotham Sound…Is it possible?

That he works at Gotham? Yes.

I’ve never been able to get a card to work on a recorder unless it was correct in all regards: format, size restrictions, mechanical, etc. How did you get a bad one to work?

In all cases, we need to wait for someone who can speak SD cards. What’s the recorder? How are you trying to play it back and what are the error messages? They’re going to ask you all those things.


Oh, wait. I have had something like this. The formatting process makes me register a card “for my Canon Device.” Is that what you mean? And you no longer have the original device?


They may be referring to Audacity’s"import raw" feature, for files which don’t have a header.

If the SD card is unreadable there are programs designed to recover data from corrupted SD cards.
One I’ve used is “PhotoRec”, (despite the name it recovers audio files too ).
I used it on Linux , but apparently there is a Mac version. [ It’s free ].