Recovering Sessions

I recently recorded an interview. In the middle of the interview, there was a power failure and I lost phone communication with the participant. I selected stop instead of pause while I dialed the participant back. Upon regaining connection, I selected recorded which recorded over what was previously recorded. I exported the file as an MP3 and now I cannot separate the two recordings. Is there anyway to separate the two?

If you selected stop in Audacity then you make a separate recording in a new track. Audacity is a multi-track editor, so if you had pressed play with those two tracks present, they would have played together.

Pause would have added the new recording at the end of the first one.

What you should have done after making separate recordings is to CTRL + 3 to zoom out, F5 to turn on Time Shift Tool, then dragged the second track after the end of the first. There would still be two tracks but they would not play together.

If you exported and ignored the warning that the tracks would be mixed together, there is nothing you can do I am afraid. However if you also saved an Audacity project you can reopen the project which will still have the separate tracks.

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