recovering recorded file

Hello out there! I’m new to this forum and to Audacity in general. I’m using Mac SnowLeopard. I recorded a complete version of The Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East. I thought I did everything correctly to save the file. Now I can’t find it any where. I’ve looked at the manual, the FAQ’s and still no closer to finding the location of the file. If some one could show me the way I’d appreciate it. Thanks Grumiester :question:

Did you leave out one or two parts? Like you were recording the Vinyl Album on your Mac? What’s your turntable? USB? Fill in the holes.

Do you remember what you called the show? Click on the spyglass icon at the top right of the screen and type in the name or a portion of the name. Any hits?


If you saved an Audacity project (AUP file) it will be in the File > Open Recent menu in Audacity if the file still exists and if you have not saved or imported many files since.

If you saved a project you can only use it in Audacity. In that case, export it instead: .


I’m recording vinyl from my collection using a *ion profile player and a digital feed through a usb port. I titled the file Allman Brothers live at the Fillmore East.

So how did you save the recording?

If you did File > Export, do that again and the window will open to the same folder you exported to before. If you have not yet done File > Export, do it now. Choose “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” for perfect quality.

Export does not go to iTunes automatically. You need to open iTunes and drag the exported file into iTunes.

Take a look at in the Manual.


You might find this suggested workflow from the Manual useful:


Should “Export the WAV files” say “to any convenient location” or similar?


Done :sunglasses: