Recovering Project Data

Hi All,

I saved a project recently, but I believe the last ~30 or so data files didn’t save properly. When I try to open the project, I’m told that those data files don’t exist. However, when I open them individually, they work fine. Any idea how I can help my project find these data files? I would love to not have to re-edit the whole project.


~ Audacity luddite

Is the project noticeably missing some bits of audio (periods of absolute silence where there should be sound)?
If so, how much is missing and where is it missing from?

I currently can’t open the project at all, just the individual data files, so I’m not sure how I’d check this. When I try to open the project it tells me exactly which data files can’t be found, but those files are in the data folder and can be opened individually.

Which version of Audacity? (Look in “Audacity menu > About Audacity”)
Which version of macOS?

What is the exact error message? Doesn’t it give you some options?

Thanks Steve! I’m not sure which version of Audacity it is. There’s no “About Audacity” option in my Audacity menu. But it’s pretty old. My OS is Sierra.

No, the error message doesn’t give me any options, it just shows me a list of which files “don’t exist,” even though they do and work fine if opened individually. I’ve uploaded a screenshot here.

To be honest, at this point it probably makes more sense for me to just re-edit the piece. I was just hoping there might be a simple fix. Thanks for your help!
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.35.02 AM.png

It must be ancient :wink:
You can get the current version via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS
Given that your version is so old, I’d suggest that you completely delete it before installing the new version (back-up any Audacity plug-ins that you want to keep).

Are the in the right place? That is, does “/users/Annie/Desktop/Gertner Interview_data” exist?
If the “Gertner Interview_data” folder has been moved or renamed, Audacity will not be able to find it.

Note that there are two “Gertner Interview_data” folders, one inside the other. Perhaps that is what is causing the problem?

A screenshot of the folder structure, showing where the “Gertner Interview.aup” file is in relation to the _data folders might be helpful.

Also, you say you can “re-edit the piece” which implies you still have the original audio file. That may be the best route.

Upgrade to the latest Audacity as Steve suggests, and have a look at this page in the manual.

– Bill