Recovering Old Audacity Files

Hi all,

I have several Audacity files that were recorded in 2009 that I’m trying to access (from an oral history project I forgot I had that I would like to transcribe.) I have the .aup file and the .aup.bak file but no _data file, which I understand is necessary to open the .aup. Is there any recourse with the .bak file or otherwise? Any way to convert it into another format that’s playable outside of Audacity?

I recorded the files on a PC and am currently using Audacity 2.4.2 on MacOS Big Sur version 11.1.

Here are the error messages I’m getting:

When attempting to open the .aup file:
Error Opening Project
Couldn’t find the project data folder

When attempting to open the .bak file:
Warning - Backup File Detected
You are trying to open an automatically created backup file.
Doing this may result in severe data loss.
Please open the actual Audacity project file instead.

Thank you so much for your help!

The AUP file is a semi-English list of instructions of how Audacity should create your show from all the tiny sound files in the _DATA folder.

This is a Project.

Without both pieces, there is no show.