Recovering Lost Part of Track

Hi to all. I have version 2.3.3. I was trying to cut a part of a long track and Paste it to another new Track, but unfortunately at same time Audacity crashed and when I restarted it I chose to recover it but when i tried to paste that “Cut” part, nothing happened. I investigated the SessionData Folder and I found out that the data related to those Cut part is still there, but the TImestamp of those related folders has been changed (Even though the folder names has remained unchanged) While the Timestamps for the rest of the whole Track remained unchanged. So for example folders d12, d13, d14, d15 and d16 are still there but their Timestamps (including all the files in them) has been changed from the original time, so that’s why they didn’t get recovered after restart. Pls guide me to recover that part of track since I don’t have access to the source of program anymore and I really need it.
Thank you so much in advance

Don’t do anything yet. There “may” be a chance of recovering the lost part (though I am not optimistic)

How long was that part?

Audacity data files are typically about 6 seconds duration, though if you cut /copy part of a data file is will create a smaller block (less than 6 seconds and smaller file size).

It Is about 2 hours Steve. as I said I am sure that all the pieces of that part are available, because I checked couple of files in those changed Timestamp folders, and those pieces are belong to that lost part.

That’s unfortunate. It pretty well rules out trying to fit them together manually.

What had you done before that?

If that was the first and only thing that you did after recording, then this method of recovery may be able to recover your original recording (plus a load of scrambled audio at the end):

The more things that were done before the crash, the worse the chances of recovery.