recovering files?


I had recorded lots of different files, and as I was saving the projects the whole thing crashed. When I reopened it, it asked if I wanted to recover and I said “yes”. Sadly all the files are now reopened, but with no sound on them. I can see all the recorded tracks but not the actual recording (See attached photo) Hope someone can help me solve this…

Many many thanks
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 23.11.12.png

What’s next to the DropBox icon? Is that iCloud? Are either of those involved in your show? Even by accident? Audacity doesn’t like working through on-line network services. It doesn’t understand network delays and negotiation.

The show in front is 20 seconds? We see two stereo tracks top to bottom. Are there any more? How many windows front to back are there?

I don’t know what the track limit is, but I assume there is one. You may have blown straight through it. I know Audacity has to open up your current track in memory. I don’t know what happens if you run out. My guess is it starts swapping work with the internal drive, but if the “internal drive” happens to be iCloud, that could be big problems.



That is a Synology cloud icon… It doesn’t really do much (upload / backup) unless I tell it to.

There are about 10 windows in total. I have recorded like this many times, and it has never been been an issue before. I just find it strange that it opens the recovered files with no actual sound. So it seems to know that something was there. All very confusing

The Audacity project manager file, the AUP file, sets the structure and layout of the show, but the actual sound comes from the little AU files inside the _DATA folder. It’s not that unusual to cause damage to the _DATA folder and have a show collapse.

I have recorded like this many times, and it has never been been an issue before

Every time the video people say that, it’s because they ran out of storage. Is your internal drive OK?

It’s a lot less of a problem with Macs than Windows, but do you have a virus protection program?

When was the last time you shut the Mac down, went to make tea and then turned it back on again? Not restart.