Recovering aup files from v 1.2.4

I haven’t used Audacity for a while and I want to edit some data files created in an earlier version. I’ve now downloaded v 2.0.5 but the files are from v 1.2.4 and I understand the format has changed. I can load one small section but not complete tracks. Files were backed up to CD and now reloaded to the PC (Windows 7). Is there anything I can do to bring the files back into Audacity for editing?

Open the old projects in 1.2.4 then export WAV files for each track in the project.

Then import those WAV’s into 2.0.5.


Ah I did think of that, but the PC changed and I no longer have v 1.2.4. Is it still possible to download it?

Get 1.2.6 from here: .


Brilliant, thank you. I’ll try that and let you know how I get on.