Recovering ".aup" file using ".au" files?

Audacity Version 3.1.3

Hello all,

Short explanation of problem: I have lost a project file, but appear to have the underlying pieces. Can I restore the project file from its underlying pieces?

I have two projects - “2018 Project” and “2019 Project”.

“2018 Project.aup” has an extra folder, “2018 Project_data” which includes folders “e08”. That folder includes folders “d00”, “d01”, “d02”, “d03” and “d08” which include around 200 “.au” files each. This project has no issues.

I have a “2019 Project_data” folder with a similar “e08” folder which includes the same “d00”, “d01”, “d02”, “d03” and “d08” folders, which in turn include similar “.au” files. I believe they are all complete.

However, I lost and cannot recover “2019 Project.aup” some time ago, and I doubt it would be recoverable like a deleted file.


  1. How can I find “2019 Project.aup” if deleted?
  2. How can I reconstruct “2019 Project.aup” using the 2019 Project “.au” files?

Thank you for the help!