Recovering Audio From Disk Image Via Raw Data In Audacity

My Tascam 4 Track Recorder was knocked over and became unplugged at the very end of a 1 hour and 45 minute interview for my podcast.

I made a disk image of the SD Card right away and have been importing the audio through Audacity by going to IMPORT → RAW DATA.

I can hear my interview, I know it’s there, but I have two major problems. Hopefully someone knows the settings that I should be playing with to get better results.

Problem One: Gaps in the audio.
There is a blank space every so may seconds that exist no matter how many different ways I have tried to import that audio.

Problem Two: Audio is bouncing from track to track.
My recorder can do up to 4 tracks of recording, this can 4 individual tracks or 2 stereo tracks that are divided into a hard left and right recording, keeping one microphone or track on one side of the recording.
I had 3 microphones going and believe that I had it recording 2 stereo tracks at once.
However, I can never get audio to work when selecting 4 tracks on import. I can get it to work on 2 tracks but the audio seems to bounce around, for example my voice will sometimes be on track one and then I’ll jump over to track 2.

I have tried over 25 imports and I know that it’s there. I just don’t know enough about the import settings to fix these problems.

Any help on the settings would be appreciated or I’d be happy to hire one of you pros to get this pieced back together for me.

Thanks for your time!

The Raw Audio settings are not likely to help with gaps in the audio.

Is the file actually headerless due to the power cutoff - that is does MediaInfo not know what the audio properties are?

Doe the Tascam manual say what the audio properties should be?