Recovering A Recording


I recorded a final version of a song in a Folder in My Documents. Then I plugged in my external hard drive to get some other songs onto my CPU some were duplicates. Audacity asked do I want to replace certain files? I may have replaced this one file with an old version of the song. I did press skip for that question. Can I recover the Final Version of that song?

I used Audacity 1.3 Beta Version.

When I try opening the Final Version the old one comes up.

Can I do a CPU System Restore?

I tried searching, sorry if this has been answered before.

Please Help, Thanks.

Isn’t there a Windows Restore other than System Restore? Effectively backing up your computer to an earlier date? That may be called for here.

We warn people repeatedly never reuse filenames. That’s just ripe disaster waiting to be picked. The produced song should be a different name from the original.

This may be an inconvenience for you this time, but it’s death for someone who records a live performance and then produces the final song on top of the old file. One false move and they will be explaining to the singer why they need to record the live performance again.


Probably not, unless you made a back-up of it somewhere.

“System Restore” only backs up system files, not data files.

Are you sure Windows doesn’t have some method to revert to an earlier session? I’m thinking “Restore Point” or something like that. I’m obviously not on Windows. Koz

Thanks Koz,

Yeah I actually renamed the Final Version as Planet Caravan Final Version and the file on my External Hard Drive which replaced it was the original name - Planet Caravan which is why I don’t understand how it’s not working with the Previous Versions saved by Windows 3 days ago.

Then it should all be there. Windows may be a little wacky, but as a general rule, it doesn’t just lose files. If you search for the names on your drives, do you get any hits? Search for partial names?

Audacity asked do I want to replace certain files?

Audacity asked you, not Windows? Did you have Audacity open while you were doing these file manipulations?

Are we talking about stand-alone sound files like WAV or MP3? Are we talking about Audacity Projects?


My mistake it must have been Windows.

I was rushing and didn’t read much of it. It is just an Audacity File. Windows shows previous versions of the file but it opens the old version.

Basically I have a folder in My Documents labeled Audacity Cover Songs.
Then Plugged in the External Hard Drive and saved old versions of some songs as well as a few new ones. But the save location was just My Documents and not “Audacity Cover Songs”. That is when the window popped up and I think I press skip for all 27 items. But there were choice of don’t replace or replace file. I pressed skip thinking I’d be ok since the save location wasn’t in the “Audacity Cover Songs”.

Is there anything I can do? I may have overwritten the file by uploading the old files from the external hard drive.

Don’t computers save everything?

Ok cool I might be on to something…I found a file labeled e00 which I believe was windows “restore, back up, or previous version” one of those and it was created on 6/15.
So I click on that and it shows 4 files:

d00 see (1)
d01 see (2) *
d07 see (3)
d08 see (4)

(1) I click on d00 and it shows 2 items e00003ef date modified - 3/29/13 type - AU Format Sound 631 KB
e0000288 date modified - 3/29/13 type - AU Format Sound 631 KB (I click on them and it says Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.)

(2)* d01 similar file names like e0001ab4 but 30 of these (they are also AU Format). But the date modified is 6/7/13 which is when I believe I may have recorded the final version.

(3) same as (2) but 54 items different names

(4) same as (2) & (3) but 90 items…

Can I put the song back together if this is the old file?

Ok yeah so those files are the Final Version I was looking for I’m going to try this, I found it on youtube under recover audacity files

I tried downloading this program after searching recovering audacity files on youtube

But my computer won’t download it because it says it has a virus.

Is there any other way to reconstruct the song? I found the files all broken down in a few seconds.

I’m not sure if my other posts went through.

Not exactly true on Vista (Ultimate/Business) and then all versions of Windows 7 and later. Creating a Restore Point saves copies of data files and folders that have been modified since the last Restore Point. These are then accessible on the Previous Versions tab of the file’s or folder’s Properties sheet. See Windows help & learning

In fact saving previous versions is a mandatory part of saving a Restore Point, whereas saving system settings is not.


What are you trying to do that is an Audacity problem?

Audacity 1.3 (whichever version of it you have) is long obsolete. Please look at Help > About Audacity and give us all three Audacity version numbers (1.3.something).

You should get the latest 2.0.3 version here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

Is what you have lost the latest version of a file you exported from Audacity?

What you are looking at is Audacity audio data. Are you right-clicking over a folder and choosing Properties > Previous Versions tab when you see that “e00” folder? If so, is it a _data folder for the project? Or an “audacity_temp” folder?

Is this the audio data you want? You can drag any of those AU files into Audacity to listen to them.

Do you have this data open in Audacity now? Did you ever save it as an AUP project at the time you exported the audio you want? If so, look for the AUP file for that project. Have you looked at File > Recent Files in Audacity for the AUP?

That YouTube video is for Audacity 1.2 so it is irrelevant. You have 1.3. In that version if you do not have an AUP file you have to do sorting and renaming of the AU files to get them in (something like) the correct order, assuming you never edited this recording.

Forget about the video - this is the Audacity page you want to look at Missing features - Audacity Support .

But first of all, see if you have an AUP project file for the audio you want.


I was able to recover the recording. Thank you all. :smiley:

Can the older versions of Audacity & the New Version be somehow burned onto a CD or saved on a USB Flash Drive so I can put the program on my friends computer? He doesn’t have internet access.

And can Audacity projects be emailed to other people like the pros do with Pro Tools?


I don’t recommend older versions - I suggest you both use 2.0.3 if you want to collaborate on Audacity work. 2.0.3 can open projects created by 1.3.x.

Yes you can download Audacity from Audacity ® | Downloads then burn it to a data CD, or download Audacity direct to a USB stick.

Yes with some caveats.

The AUP file is only a text file that points to the data and not the data itself. So you need to zip up the AUP and the _data folder, but the _data folder will make the zip too large for e-mail. You can use online file storage/sharing instead.

Second, if the project contains imported WAV or AIFF files these must be copied into the project.

There is an alternative, smaller type of compressed project, but this uses lossy OGG files so each save as a compressed project slightly degrades the audio. There is no degradation with standard projects.

You can read more here Missing features - Audacity Support .