Recovering a file

I’m at a total loss. I have an episode of my podcast I was editing and I’m so glad that I had it all saved and everything. Right before I went to convert it, I got a pop up message on my screen telling me “Warning: missing audio data block”. I am not very computer savvy, so I did attempt to follow some you tube videos to recover these files, and I’m sure I’m doing it wrong because I was not able to recover them.

Does anyone know of a way that I can recover these 2 episodes I lost? It happened to 2 of them. They were saved on my drive, no cloud or anything. One of the podcast forums mentioned simply going to my AUP file. And that sounds lovely, but I don’t even know how to access that. If there is anyone that can help I would really appreciate it. One of the episodes that I lost isn’t a big deal. But the other one was a special guest and a once in a lifetime type of situation because he doesn’t live in this country. I’m so defeated and really just want to recover this 1 episode.

If anyone does have any solutions, I need step by step directions, I’m happy to text or zoom or whatever, I just need help!!! Thank you so much in advance!

Which Audacity are you using? Help > About.

Did you have an event? Computer instability? Audacity crashed? Computer starting to run out of room?

This is an Audacity Project.

Both parts have to be there, they have to be named the same and it has to be the name you gave them inside Audacity. What name did you give the show?

Did you just start using cloud services? Google Drive? Network drives around your house?

I don’t know what causes that error other than the obvious. We need to wait for an Audacity senior elf.


Hi! Thank you for responding to my message, I’m at a total loss! So, after a little more research I realized that I renamed the episode that in question to match the corresponding episode as it is released. Apparently I should not have done this because it mixes up the audacity link with the AUP, because they essentially don’t match? Am I understanding correctly?

If this is the case, since I am aware of a rename, what can I do now to recover this file? Easy terminology please? :pray:

Please attach the project’s “.AUP” file to your reply and we will be able to tell you the correct names for the file and data folder.
See here for how to attach a file: