Recovering a crashed file from AU202

I have an issue with some noisy neighbors, I recorded them all night and then left my house.

When I came back to stop the recording it had been going on for about 12 hours, I tried to stop the recording but it crashed. Now, when I try to re-start audacity and recover the files trough the “recover project” menu in audacity it gets stuck again and I cant do anything.

I am using a mac with OS 10.6.8 and my Audacity is 2.0.2

I would like to back up whatever files are being attempted to recover so I can use audacity and not erease these recovery files. I understand there’s a recovery app that works with aup but I dont know where the aup for these files are.

Could “about 12 hours” be 13 hours? Audacity will not continuously record over 13 hours.
I don’t remember the recovery tools. Another elf will be along.
Sometimes the file system will “start over” and you’ll only get the amount of sound after 13 hours.

The issue is dependent on the sample rate. At the default 44100 Hz rate, you can record more than 13.5 hours and export the recording as audio files providing you leave the project window open.

You cannot save longer than 13.5 hours at 44100 Hz as an Audacity project. When you reopen that project you will see an error that all the audio has become orphaned block files.

Here is the link Missing features - Audacity Support .

I think what you have in mind is what happens if Audacity runs out of disk space. If that happens Audacity carries on recording and progressively corrupts the recording that was made before disk space ran out.


What exactly happens when the recovery gets stuck? What is the exact error message, and can you access Help > Show Log… to view the information there?

Audacity is trying to recover the unsaved changes from a temporary AUP File called “autosave”. It’s at ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave. If you move that autosave file somewhere else, Audacity will start normally. See Audacity Manual for where the audio data is, depending on whether you already saved a project or not.

If the autosave file cannot reopen the project correctly (we need your input on what happens as above before deciding that), then it’s a question of sorting the AU data files into timestamp order, renaming them while so sorted (using Automator) then use the Audacity 1.2 Recovery Utility to piece together WAV files from the AU files. This is explained at Missing features - Audacity Support .