I wen’t to save a file after working on it for a couple hours and Audacity crashed, and also lost the file. I was able to find a backup aup file, however when I wen’t to play it, it was the original 2hr46min file compressed to a few seconds (essentially sounded like a continuous beep/buzz).

Is there a way to fix this or retrieve the original??


[u]Recovering Crashes Manually[/u]

The AUP file isn’t compressed, but it doesn’t contain any audio. It’s a set of instructions and pointers to the files that contain the audio. More information [u]here[/u].

Please answer the questions in the pink panel at the top of the page, especially what version of Audacity you are using.

Current 2.x.x versions of Audacity should not create or recognise any AUP.BAK files. They will open an AUP file if you use File > Open… .

When you restart Audacity after the crash, you should see an Automatic Recovery Dialogue as described here:

So click on “Recover Projects” in that dialogue. If that dialogue does not come up, force quit Audacity in Windows Task Manager.

Then open Explorer, type


into the address bar and hit ENTER. Open the “Audacity” folder then the “AutoSave” folder.

Is there an AUTOSAVE file in that “AutoSave” folder? If no but there is a TMP file, rename that TMP file so it has


at the end instead of .tmp. Then restart Audacity and choose to recover.

If you don’t have any AUTOSAVE file or AUP file then you can follow what Doug said, but you can’t piece it together perfectly if you were applying effects and/or moving pieces of audio around, only if it was a recording you never edited.



Thanks for the replies. It didn’t save a temp file. The version is 2.0.6.

I started my work from scratch and am currently 75% complete, so I will continue my work and hope it doesn’t happen again.

File > Save Project As… with different names as you reach “milestones” in the work, and/or export each milestone as a WAV file. Then if something goes wrong at the last stage, you can go back to the last AUP or WAV backup.