Recovered file can't open

Hi there,

I was working on a project and saved it before quitting, but on trying to reopen it, it comes up with the option to recover it as an unsaved file. When I select the project to recover it, Audacity quits before opening the project. Every time I open Audacity, it still shows the option to recover the project, but Audacity always quits when I try to recover it. Does anybody know what’s happening?

Possibly relevant: in the folder where I have the project, there’s also a .aup3-shm and a .aup3-wal file of the project showing underneath the audacity file.

I’ve tried restarting the computer but with no results.

I’d greatly appreciate any help you could offer me – thanks!!

There was a bug similar to what you describe in a prior version of Audacity. The bug was fixed in 3.1.3: Audacity ® | Downloads

The new version worked!! Thanks a lot :smiley:

Glad I could help. If only every users problem was this easy! :smiley: