Recovered Deleted WAV file

I recovered a deleted WAV file my external disk using Recuva recovery software. the WAV file size are exactly same as orginal. but it is not playing. tried with Audacity all i see is a full blue filled static noise. Can any one help how to fix this WAV file? Or is there any paid professional service, who can recover my WAV files?

Try File > Import > Raw Data… . I assume you know the encoding and sample rate it is supposed to be.

If there were headers in the file that were incorrect, these may cause a click at the start of the audio. You can zoom in at the start and delete the click.


You may also have to “guess” the offset. i.e. For 16-bit files, an offset of 0 or 1 should work. If it works but the left & right channels are mixed-up (and if you care), add two to the offset. (If it’s 24-bit audio, add 3.)

The offset is where the header ends and the audio starts. As Gale says, if you read the header as audio, you’ll get a “click”. But, that’s NOT a big deal and you can edit-out the click.

What IS a big deal is “starting” at the right place, so when Audacity (and Windows) reads bytes (8-bits) the 16-bit or 24-bit audio samples get re-assembled correctly. If you start in the wrong place and the samples get re-assembled incorrectly, you’ll just get NOISE.

There is more than one offset value that will “work”… The important thing is getting the bytes re-assembled correctly. If you have 24-bit audio, you may have to try 0, 1, or 2.

(If the header is correct, the offset for a WAV file should actually be 44.)

Uncompressed WAV files are really simple (just a series of sample values/numbers representing the moment-to-moment amplitude of the “wave”.) So as long as the data is not completely corrupted, you should be able to recover it.

Or is there any paid professional service, who can recover my WAV files?

A million years ago, I used [u]Ontrack[/u] software to recover from an unreadable disk. They also have a recovery service. (I don’t know what the limitations of the free trial software are, but it might be worth a try.)