Recovered Audacity Projects

Audacity version: 2.0.6

OS: Windows 7 x64

I had audacity open when we had a power failure. The next time I came to open audacity, it offered me the option to recover unsaved projects. I, being a fool, clicked no instead of restore, but I actually definitely should have clicked restore.

Does anyone know where audacity dumps projects after recovery is rejected? My audacity session is still open, if that helps.

If the answer is it deletes them from the disk, I straight away ran a recovery on my C drive from an external drive, and dumped everything on that drive. Does anyone know in what format the are stored in, and how I could get audacity to open one?

Thanks in advance everyone, I’m a bit desperate.

The audio data is still in existence as long as you have not done File > Close Project. That being the case, force quit Audacity in Task Manager which will preserve the data.

What you need to recover is the “AUTOSAVE” file. Before deletion it was at

Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\AutoSave\

If you find the recovered file, restore it to the above path on your hard drive, restart Audacity and if you are lucky it will try to recover the project.

If you have a mission critical project, export it as WAV from time to time (export multiple one WAV per track if it is a multi-track project). You can then always import the WAV files to start over.


There was nothing in that directory. What will the file look like? Will it have an .aup extension? My projects were just called “1.aup” and “2.aup” so it’s pretty difficult to just find anything with a 1 or 2 in it.

I found a 2.aup.bak but it’s only 5 kb. ~And Putting it in the autosave directory didn’t work.

I tried to get audacity to open it and it said “you are trying to open an automatically created backup file. Doing this may result in severe data loss. Please open the actual audacity project file instead.”

As I said, it is an “autosave” file. It has an .autosave extension.

Which file recovery software are you using?

Recovery will only recognise files with .autosave extension.

Do I assume there was no previous saved AUP file you could go back to, by opening that AUP? Look at the timestamps if your recovery software shows them. If you open a saved AUP file then you only lose the changes since the last save. You may also get some orphan or missing file errors.

If this was an unedited recording, you can manually recover the recording without an AUP or AUTOSAVE file. See