Recover unsaved record

Hello, I use Audacity 2.4.2, I recorded some voice, but I close it without saving, how can I recover that recored sound, do I have any history or saved recored, or last recorded sound, something similar like that? Thank you

It is lost and gone forever.

Hmmm, so no last opened? Last unsaved? I notice somethimes if I got error, Audacity will display last record, if some error ocur :frowning: And because of that, I have some chance in this situation.

I close it without saving

That’s the phrase that pays. There never was a sound file or Project. Just a collection of caches and memory blocks. Audacity cleans up after itself after it closes—it’s very bad form not to.

The Mac Time Machine system can sometimes roll back the machine to where it was when you were editing, but you have to set it up to do that and nobody ever does.


But what about when is close suddenly or unexpectedly because of an error and without saving that record and you open again and its show last one use but not saved?