Recover unsaved files (not crashed)?


I think I’ve just been an idiot, but you never know.

I just made an important recording, but then clicked Don’t Save when I closed Audacity.

Is there any chance of recovering it?

Win 8.1

Thanks in advance.

Audacity clears itself when you close.

Your only (slim) chance is file recovery software. You must be using a HDD, not SSD, and the recovery software must keep the timestamps of the deleted AU files unmodified.


Recovery software only stands a chance if:

  • You don’t install the recovery software to the same disk. Some recovery software won’t even allow to recover from/to the same disk.
  • You haven’t created and saved any other documents on the disk. You need to be fast too, since the OS also creates new files now and then, even when the PC is on, but idling.