Recover session

I lost a session but I have the date files,(14 folders named d00, d0a, d22 and so on with hundreds files inside of each one of them.) Is there a way to put them back together as a session again?

I lost a session


How long was the show?

Do you have an AUP file with the same name as the _DATA folder?

Use your computer search system. It’s important you find it if there is one.

Did you change the name of the _DATA folder or the AUP file…or both? Did you move them from where Audacity put them?


Thanks for replying.
It was a one-song mix.
I don’t seem to have an AUP file.
I didn’t change the name of the date file, it’s still the same, I created it while mixing and put it on the desktop and it’s sill there. unmoved.

Hi again,
I just found it!
It was moved, don’t know how but it was.
Thanks for the help.

So probably the feature requested actually is “automatic backup”. This may have even two benefits:

  1. After a crash you could possible recover most of your work.
  2. If you don’t want to recover, it could help Audacity to remove any temporary files left over.

Automatic backups will be fast specifically if most effects are descriptive (original files do not need to be copied/rewritten) instead of being destructive (audio files needed to be created).
I have some software that makes up to 100 numbered backups between saves, and it keeps one saved file per (project and) day for about 14 days…but most effects are descriptive, so saving takes just a second (and it’s performed in the background while you continue working).

but that would be a completely different program. Audacity is an “audio editor”, sometimes referred to as a “sample editor”. The point of this type of program is that it directly edits the audio, and you can immediately see the changed samples. There are plenty of other “DAW” type application that defer rendering effects until mixdown / export, but that’s not what Audacity aims to be.