Recover projects without .aup file

Hi. I got a few folders with my projects, but all of them doesn’t have .aup files. How can I open the projects? They was made with 2.2 version.

Do you know if the shows were edited? If they were, the files inside the folder are scrambled and the shows are gone.

If the shows were simple recordings, you may be able to play the little 6-second files one after the other and manually put them back together into a show.

The file names are scrambled on purpose, but the times are dates are not. You may be able to use the times and dates to reconstruct the shows. Also, the little files alternate Left and Right in a stereo show.

There is no easy way to do this. The modern Audacity program works a different way now and doesn’t use split files and folders. Too many people damaged their productions by accident.


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