Recover project with no AUP file[SOLVED]

I hope this doesn’t end up being a dumb question, but I’m looking for some help with my Audacity program. I’m fairly new to the program, but I’m pretty handy with computer stuff in general. I just got a new pc and was copying all my files over to the new pc. I was just getting ready to change some files I used the line in to record to MP3. I installed 2.0.3 on my new computer, but was using 1.x on my old one. I had no problem with most of the files. I had the .aup project file and everything went fine. However, I started looking at a few of my recording, and it doesn’t seem like the .aup file is there. I would swear I saved the projects at the time, but I must not have. Now, all I have are the data files in a folder named for the recording. I was looking at some of the recovery tools and it seems like they are only for 1.x, it means 2.x has recovery built in. Is there any way to use the data files in the folder to recreate my project? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It would be better to search for the .AUP file.

The 2.x recovery only helps if 2.x or 1.3.x crashed in use, and depends on a temporary project file called “autosave” to tell Audacity how to put the .AU files together.

If you don’t have the AUP file then all you can do is use the 1.2 Recovery Tools , after having sorted the AU files into timestamp order then renamed them into a consistent sequence (the sort and rename may not be necessary if the project was created in Audacity 1.2.x).

If these are stereo recordings, the recovery may have transposed channels in places. If you had edited the project heavily, it is probably not worth recovering as the result will be very incorrect.

If you have any AUP.BAK files then opening those in the same Audacity version you created the project in might give you some audio along with errors to a greater or lesser extent. 2.x does not open AUP.BAK files.

Of course if you exported any backup WAV files from these projects (always a good insurance), just import the WAV files into latest 2.0.3.


Thanks. I was able to use the recovery tool to get the file back. It looks like it saved it into 2 separate .wav files. One for each channel. What’s the best way to put these back together into a single file. I tried one way, but seemed like it said it was going to save it as a mono file.

Use “Make Stereo Track” as described here:

That worked great. Thanks!