Recover Files _data

Hello, guys. I have a problem. I made a recording and hauled the project to another PC and open the file. Aup could not open. Once he got open, showing only an audio that had nothing to do with what I recorded.
I have files _data. But I can not visualize the sequence that is used in order to make the junction of files. When you use a program to make the junction, it is all mixed. Could anyone help me?
NOTE: Audio is a wedding :open_mouth:

Do you still have the original on the first computer?

No, I only have a copy in pendrive.

Did you copy the project (.AUP and _data folder) to the hard drive of the new machine and then try and open it, or did you try to open it directly from the USB pendrive?

Why not? What happened? Was there an error message?

How did it do that?
What did you do to open a project that won’t open .

I have attached the mistake of trying to open the project.
When selecting some of the options he opened an audio file that has nothing to do with what was recorded. But _data folder is correct.

Drag the AUP file and data folder off the pen drive into the same folder on the hard drive of the new computer.

Use File > Open, then choose the AUP file which you dragged off the pen drive.

Are you using Audacity in English but speak another language? If you want to change the language, see here .