Recover damaged AUP file from _data folder


I was editing my AUP file when suddenly Audacity crashed. I now have 6 different folders filled with AU files, the folders are named d00-d05.

How do I recreate the damaged AUP files using my AU files. I’ve tried moving it on to a PC but that didn’t work.

Please help!

What version of Audacity are you using? Please see the pink panel at the top of the page and give us all three Audacity version numbers.

What happened when you restarted Audacity? Audacity should have offered you an Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue. Did you recover the project, and if the project recovered incorrectly, what did Help > Show Log… say was the problem?

Note: If you saw that dialogue you must leave the dialogue open until the recovery problem is fixed, or force quit, otherwise the unsaved changes are lost.

You can’t if you were editing, because this moves all the AU files around so the filenames no longer correspond to the original timeline position. You would need to open a backup of the project made with File > Save Project As…, or import a backup WAV file that you exported.

If you saw no Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue, please attach the AUP file. Also open Finder, use Go > Go to Folder… and enter

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave

Attach all the files you see in the AutoSave folder.

Please see how to attach files to forum posts.


I am now using 2.1.2, but when I was editing I used 2.1.1 version.

I cant remember if I got the dialog screen or not bur the log when I open the file now says what the pictures show that I´ve attached.

I made no “Save project as” or have a WAV file I can use.

I dont really understand the Autosave Folder, what am I suppose to do with it?
Skärmavbild 2017-03-08 kl. 21.56.10.png
Skärmavbild 2017-03-08 kl. 21.55.58.png

Actually I answered this same question from you when you wrote to our feedback@ address two weeks ago.

To repeat part of what I said:

The immediate problem for this project is the 205 “missing” block files. In that dialogue, do not choose the option to permanently replace the missing files with silence.

In the dialogue for orphan files, choose the option to work around the orphans. Do not choose the option to delete the orphan files.

I suggest you open Help > Show Log… then you can see the names of the files that are missing. Use Spotlight to search for some of those file names. If you find them, put them back where the log says they should be.

The log will also show you which files are orphans (which means that they are in the _data folder for the project but not listed in the AUP file).

Did you try that? If you need help understanding the log, please attach the log file.

You should always have a backup project or WAV file in case a problem strikes. :bulb:

You don’t have to do anything with the AutoSave folder except attach any files it contains. Is the AutoSave folder empty? The reason I asked was because it is possible there is a file in it that is malformed or only has a “temp” file extension that if corrected, might still be used to recover the project.


I´ve tried everything but won’t get it to work.

I´ve attached the log as it´s shown to me. Hope you can guide me through the missing Data files and other files.

I´ve done a Wav backup for the other interwievs :slight_smile:

The Autosave folder doesn’t exist even.
log Kagshamnsvingård.txt (65.2 KB)

If the AutoSave folder does not exist then you deleted it yourself. I am guessing you have been interfering with your projects in ways you have not told us, for example that is why you had a copy AUP file with no _data folder. You must never copy projects by hand into the same folder. Use File > Save Project As… to make a backup of the project.

As previously explained, you have to search your computer for the files that are marked as missing in the log, then when found, put the file back in the folder that the log indicates for that file.

So, start with the first missing file:

11:09:27: Varning: Saknar data blockfil: '/Users/Joacim/Desktop/Podcast Sommeliern/Intervju Klagshamn 4:3_data/e00/d01/

Use Spotlight to search your entire computer for

If you find the file, put it back in the folder “Users/Joacim/Desktop/Podcast Sommeliern/Intervju Klagshamn 4:3_data/e00/d01/”.


I can´t find that file and the same thing are with several other ones. I haven’t deleted them, so where can I find them? Where should I look?

What file are referring to there? All I am saying is that the AutoSave folder is created by Audacity, so if it is not there then you or something else on your system deleted it.

If you don’t have the AutoSave folder, then simply try finding the missing block files and putting them back where they should be, as outlined in my previous post.


I´m reffering to the file that you mentioned in the previous post. I can´t find that or any of the other ones.

I haven’t deleted the Autosave folder, it doesn’t exist.

Where do I find the info where the audio file should be put back?

Then the recording is lost, if you don’t have a backup. Have you looked in Time Machine for backups?

In the log, as previously explained.


This, as yet unpublished, article in the Audacity Manual guides on this:


There is published information FAQ:Opening and Saving Files - Audacity Manual.