recover AUP file from _data? [SOLVED]

I am using audacity 2.0.5, and I was cleaning some files from my computer, and out of my carelessness, I deleted an AUP file I did not mean to delete. and then, being the GENIUS that I am, I emptied my recycle bin. I didn’t really realize I deleted it until I went to open it. I still have the folder that says “_data” after the file’s name though. so I figured, no biggy, I just gotta go recover the file. I’ve done this before. but after using like four different recovery tools, I cannot find ANY AUP files. I can find the au files from other _data folders I deleted on purpose, but really the closest thing I found to AUP were AUP.BAK files, in which they weren’t the file I was looking for. note that I am still kicking myself in the butt for deleting this file…

so my question is, is it possible to recover the AUP file if I still have the _data?

Not simple, but you can try this :


my god I can’t believe that worked! thank you!

Glad that worked for you.