Recover a corrupted saved file on audacity

Hello I’m trying to figure out how I can recover a corrupted saved .aua file. I recorded an hour and a half podcast and asaced the file but my MacBook Pro crashed when I reopened the audacity file. I still have the data folder and it still shows the 5 second chunks but the whole audio file doesn’t show up on my session.

Please help.

I assume you mean “.aup”?

Please attach the .aup file to your reply so we can see if it is recoverable. (See:

Which version of Audacity are you using? (Look in “Audacity menu > About Audacity”)

Audacity 2.3.1
Attached is the aup. file.
Thank you!
GroupCh4t %22adulting%22.aup (291 KB)

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with that file. What exactly happens when you attempt to open the project?

When I open up the file there is no audio that plays back.
When I first recorded the session there was audio playback and now there is not. It shows a black session

Are there any audio tracks? The AUP file says there should be 3 audio tracks.

What is a “black session”? Perhaps you could post a screenshot.

Sorry I meant blank session (with no sound)
I have attached a screenshot
Thanks for the quick responses.

That bottom track looks very weird. I doubt that we will be able to recover anything from this project, but I’m interested to know what went wrong here - I can’t think of anything that could cause the third track to look like that.

What does “asaced” mean?

Why does the project have a stereo track and a mono track?
Did the stereo track at the top ever have a waveform present?
Where did the bottom (mono) track come from?

The bottom track was added by mistake after the crash happened. Only the stereo track was recorded originally and that had a wave form. If I remove the track do you think I will be able to recover the original audio?

What is it? It looks very peculiar.

Imported from the 6sec audio files.

You mean one of the “.au” files from the project’s _data folder?


Audacity is able to import the “.AU” file if they are correctly formed. However, they should look like normal audio, which is not what I see in your screenshot. That indicates that the audio data files are corrupt. I don’t think this project is recoverable.