Records voice, not accompaniment

I am attempting to record my voice, singing to accompaniment music on a .pdf through my Mac, on Mac Music. I have done this many times without problems, but not recently. Today Audacity records my voice, but not the accompaniment. I’m running it through a Yamaha sound mixer, and the accompaniment is routed through a Behringer UCA202 U-Control, connected to the Stereo Out outputs on the mixer, because when I ran both voice and accompaniment through two mixer channels, my vocals bled through on the accompaniment channel. Audacity Preferences are set to: Devices>Host>Core Audio, Playback>USB Audio Codec, Recording>Device>USB Audio Codec and Mac System Preferences>Sound are set to: Output>USB Audio CODEC, Input>USB Audio CODEC. The Behringer U-Control box is connected via its USB cable to my Mac USB port. I’m missing something, but don’t know what. It picks up the mike, but not sound from the computer. Using Mac OS 11.6 and Audacity 3.0.5. --Tom in Texas

I’ll add…when recording, I can hear both the accompaniment and my voice through my headphones, but Audacity picks up only the voice. --TnT

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The way you were doing the song is unusual. What you’re doing now is perfectly normal.

Audacity will only record from one thing or device. So you could record the mixer and make the Mac play the music to the mixer (Quicktime Player? Preview?), mix with the voice and then record the mix in Audacity. I’ve done that with a Skype production and two Macs.

What you’re supposed to do is move the backing track to Audacity and set up for formal Overdubbing.

If you set everything up right, Audacity will automatically adjust the timing difference between the playback and new voice. That’s the latency adjustment. Listen to the UCA-202. Set it for MONITOR and it will play a theatrical mix of backing track and voice without actually mixing them on the timelines.


If you can drag’n’drop a copy of the music into Audacity, (rather than a separate music player),
then Audacity can play the accompaniment & record you singing at the same time …

You are absolutely right. First, import the music file, then record voice. I told you it’s been awhile since I did this! Duh. Thanks! TnT

Your question made it sound like you used to make it work successfully the other way. You just don’t remember the basic process.

We can do this.