Records no sound after changing high resolution settings to false/

Hi there, I just tried this on versions 3.4.2 and 3.4.0, wondering if anyone is having the same problem:
I’ve changed the info.plist high resolution mode from true/ to false/ which I vaguely remember doing in the past on an older version (can’t remember which). The issue is my mac starts to slog after a while in high res mode and I just prefer for it to be in low res mode. Am I inputting the wrong command there? Should it be something else besides false? Because when changed/saved to false it then fails to record anything during recording (flatline). It’s not a mic permissions issue, checked that. It just acts like there’s no mic on the Mac at all (iMac 2017 retina 28" running Monterey). Appreciate any guidance or a hint as to which older version didn’t have a problem with this. Thanks folks!

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