Records, erases, records,repeats[SOLVED]

Audacity 2.0.5; Windows 8.1 Recording from cassette player, with cable inserted into earphone output of player and into microphone input of Toshiba laptop, the Audacity screen shows normal sound receive for about 5 seconds, then erases that input, waits a few seconds, then repeats the receive, erase, wait over and over and over. How can I stop the erasing and get a straight recording, so I can output mp3 files from the cassette tapes?

OldFatherWilliam - Fr. Bill Fleener, priest of the Episcopal Church

You need to set the Audacity temporary directory (Edit > Preferences then look for “Directories” on the left) to a folder you have permission to write to. For example, try choosing a folder in C:Users .

Alternatively, log in as Administrator.


Thank you so very much, Gale. You gave me the exact fix.