Records at slow speed

We are having issues with Audacity recording at slow speed. I can export and increase speed to make it sound normal.
We have uninstalled and re installed the program and restarted the computer.
It plays back slow even if its not exported to another file.
Is there a speed record effect that I’m not aware of?
We checked drivers and sample rate. Did not make a difference.

A few questions…

So the sound quality is OK once the speed is corrected?

I assume the pitch is also affected (if you noticed that) like playing an analog record or tape at slow speed?

Approximately how far-off is it?

What’s your hardware setup? …What are you recording from? The mic built into your laptop? A USB audio interface? A USB turntable? Etc.?

It most likely is something related to sample rate… If you record and play-back at different number of samples-per-second you get the wrong speed. Sometimes it’s the hardware that generates sample-clock.

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