Recordings sound sped up/distorted

Hello, I am having trouble when recording into audacity. I am using a Peavey 24fx sound board. Whenever I record audio through the board, it sounds sped up and distorted (audio sample-

). The board hooks up to the computer via USB. The issue does NOT occur when I record through the internal microphone on the computer. It also does not occur when recording via my Yeti USB mic. The only time I have this issue is when I am running anything through the sound board.

My first thought is a sample rate mismatch, however I have changed the sample rate in audacity and in control panel and it has not helped. Also, my internal mic and Yeti mic are set to 48000 and 16bit just like the sound board is and they are working fine. I see no reason why the sound board shouldn’t work if the yeti mic is working.

The sound board worked fine when hooked up to an older computer running windows 7 and an old version of audacity.

Please let me know if you can help or if there is any more information I can provide.

Windows 10
Dell Inspiron 7000 (brand new)
Peavey 24 fx sound board

Does the problem also occur if you record directly to a USB sick with the Peavey (without using a computer)?

Does your Peavey have the latest firmware (version 1.13)?