Recordings - only deleted section

What did I do wrong?!

Having recorded a DJ mix I made a few edits by deleting a couple of sections; all was well and things were looking good. I then exported the file to wav and also mp3 for uploading to the web.

The next day I opened the files to find only the deleted sections saved and nothing else - completely blank!

Any ideas why?


Which files? The exported WAV and MP3? Did you play them when you made them to make sure they were OK? I do several shows like this every week, so I’m pretty sure it works.

Do you mean the project won’t play any more? Did you move things around or delete some of the original work?


I recorded a 2 hour mix as a wav and then opened it in Audacity. It played without any problems. I then cut out a couple of small sections leaving 99% of the file which again continued to play ok. This file was then exported to wav and also converted to mp3. When I came back to the file the next day only the deleted sections remained. The track length (2 hours) was the same however only the deleted snippets were there on both the wav and mp3 files. Very puzzling!