Recordings on playback choppy, skipping

Hi, I am using mac mini…audacity, and scarlett focusrite I am suddenly experiencing major stuttering when recording. It will be fine halfway through, then begin to stutter. Any thoughts?

Most of the time that happens when your computer is busy doing multiple things or the drive fills up, or both. Do you use a lot of programs and leave them napping in the dock? That will slow the computer down. Close things you’re not using, or restart the Mac and don’t start anything else until you’re finished with the recording. Do you have a million icons on your desktop? That’s deadly.

Go > Computer. Control-Click your system drive. > Get INFO. Attached is what mine reads like. I have free space for production and recording (Capacity and Available).

Audacity will tell you at the bottom of the screen how long it expects to be able to record. What does yours say?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.30.58.png

So, going back to your original crackling problem do you still have Scarlett as default Mac input and output?

Do you still have Audio to Buffer set to a low value in Audacity’s Recording Preferences?

Is there a reason you won’t give your version of Audacity and version of OS X? It makes it much harder if you don’t say. Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.