Recordings disappeared after unable to save

I am using Audacity 2.3.3 on a Windows 10 HP Pavillion Laptop

I use audacity to prerecord a 2 hour radio show each week. Don’t usually have a problem saving unfinished work. I saved one bit and went to start a second, seperate show, collated 50mins of songs and recordings and tried to save it. My laptop said it was unable to save possibly because the disc is write protected or disc full. Neither is the case.

Following this message, the recording or song on each track of ‘disappears’ or changes to a single thin line like there is just silence.

I repeated the process, collated the same tracks from my itunes collection and attempted to save it. Same error message came up and the stems change and I lost all the recordings on each stem.

The first bit of work I did is still there, that saved ok and I opened that up and saved it again no problem, its just anthing else after that. Any suggestions?

Are you trying to use cloud storage? Audacity doesn’t like that very much. If you have to, save the works on the local drive and move them later—without Audacity.

What did you call the filenames? Audacity doesn’t much like dates in filenames. The slashmarks can cause problems.

Use ISO dates. Today is 2021-01-06. -Dash- and underscore are OK.