I am recording audio to my hardrive which has video still’s in it. How do I get rid of the video and still keep the audio? Is this possible?
I have never used Audacity before :confused: :blush: :question:


I am new to all this and i do not know if I am doing things the right way :question:
I see where some members have looked at this post But i can’t seem to get anyone to answer. I hope i am not doing anything against the rules?
If someone knows how or were i should look for an answer,Please Help Me out. :frowning:
Thank You

Maybe I don’t understand this, but -

Audacity will only record audio. So, if you record into it, you will only get the audio.

From what source are you recording, and through what means?

Thank you for answering. I am recording music from the TV and there are video stills in the recording. I am new to all this ( not esed to FORUMS) and do not know what I am doing,also i have never used AUDACITY as of yet. I am still studing how to use it. :blush:

I am doing the best that I can until I learn more about how to use and ask questions. :exclamation:

Thanks anyway

I think you will have difficulties in importing just the audio into Audacity - so what I suggest is they you play the viedo recording on your PC and just record the output sound using Audacity.


Thanks I will give it a try.

I have been trying to do what you said but I don’t know how to go about doing that? I play the song on my PC and try to get it in to Audacity but so far i have not ben able to do that. The tracts are all Blue and there is no audio signals. I wonder if is even possible to do what I am tryind to do? I seems to me it should be possible???

Do the tracks start of as grey, and then become blue after you have recorded?

Also, do the “input level meters” light up red when you are recording?

I will have to check that out, mabey i am missing a step in the recording process

The tracks are Gray but when I click Record there is a fine blue line in the track and as the curser moves along it does not record any audio. All my settings are set correctlly.
Does the Turntable have to be on even if you are not using it? My PC ic connected to the Cable TV.