Windows 10, Audacity 2.3.2
I have no problema recording if I connect the headphones and configure:
But I can’t record anything with other configuration.
If I discnect the headphones, I can’t record anything, but the only configuration that doesn’t give an error message is with WASAPI.
Help, please.

What are you trying to record? Streaming audio? The microphone built-into your laptop? A cassette or turntable plugged-into your laptop? Something else…?

I’m trying to record frrom youtube

streaming audio

WASAPI loopback should work but you have to choose the loopback device where the sound is coming out. That should work for most soundcards, but it may not work with certain USB or HDMI audio devices.

If it doesn’t work with your particular hardware there are some other suggestions [u]here[/u].

[u]Total Recorder[/u] ($20 USD) has it’s own special virtual driver and it’s supposed to be foolproof. (I don’t own it).